Ben Tseng


My style and vision is based on raw, emotive storytelling by creating a natural and intimate environment to all my films. I tell simple stories that run deep and I hold a strong lust for adventure.

My love for filmmaking infuses both Asian and European influences, creating a vibrant, yet poetic visual aesthetic.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, I studied in Italy, I’ve lived in London and now I call Shanghai home.

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  • SK-II#Change Destiny – LanShu Chen
    SK-II#Change Destiny – LanShu Chen
  • Asics – Black is Right
    Asics – Black is Right
  • NIKE-Own The Night
    NIKE-Own The Night
  • Nike Give me the Ball- Kobe
    Nike Give me the Ball- Kobe
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    Converse Summer Night
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    Biotherm Fight Again
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    SKII – #ChangeDestiny – Sha
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    SKII – #ChangeDestiny – Yungjan Chan
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    SKII – #ChangeDestiny – Sun Li
  • P&G Raising An Olympian – Yibing
    P&G Raising An Olympian – Yibing
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    Oakley – One Obssession