Dylan Doyle

dylanD001Director of Photography

Dylan was born a French citizen in Ibiza, Spain. He graduated in robot engineering & computer programming in Nantes, and then earned a diploma from the CLCF Film School in Paris.  He started working as a director of photography in 1996.

‘I bought my first movie Camera in 1992 and went to Yugoslavia for a fiction film during wartime. It was a NPR Eclair 16 mm and since then, I have never stopped exploring the worlds of photography and cinematography. I am very curious by nature and I like to mix techniques.  I think this is also the reason why I became interested in digital quite early.’

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  • Kia
  • SKII – #ChangeDestiny – Yungjan Chan
    SKII – #ChangeDestiny – Yungjan Chan
  • SKII – #ChangeDestiny – Sha
    SKII – #ChangeDestiny – Sha
  • SK-II#Change Destiny – LanShu Chen
    SK-II#Change Destiny – LanShu Chen
  • Cartier
  • Dior Homme
    Dior Homme
  • SKII – #ChangeDestiny – Krystal
    SKII – #ChangeDestiny – Krystal
  • Skoda Yeti
    Skoda Yeti
  • ANTA
  • Fuji Xerox ‘Big Picture’
    Fuji Xerox ‘Big Picture’
  • Weight Watchers ‘Perfection’
    Weight Watchers ‘Perfection’
  • TSL ‘Artisan of Love’
    TSL ‘Artisan of Love’
  • Sakura ‘Air’
    Sakura ‘Air’
  • DARTY ‘Seaside’
    DARTY ‘Seaside’
  • Skoda Fabia
    Skoda Fabia
  • Nescafe Premium Mix
    Nescafe Premium Mix
  • Nikon 5100
    Nikon 5100
  • Orange
  • BMW Xu Lijia China
    BMW Xu Lijia China
  • BMW Zhang Yu China
    BMW Zhang Yu China
  • Converse Maison Martin Margiela
    Converse Maison Martin Margiela