Director: Viviane Blumenschein | DoP: Tanja Häring | Production Company: Markenfilm-Crossing | Agency: Serviceplan

  • Swiss Re Documentary Director’s Cut
    Swiss Re Documentary Director’s Cut
  • Dräger.  Technology for Life
    Dräger. Technology for Life
  • Raising an Olympian (English Subs)
    Raising an Olympian (English Subs)
  • Daily Life Short
    Daily Life Short
  • ‘Calle del Arte’ Trailer
    ‘Calle del Arte’ Trailer
  • ‘Astrid Swan’ Trailer
    ‘Astrid Swan’ Trailer
  • Fleurop ‘Muttertag’
    Fleurop ‘Muttertag’
  • Going Against Fate
    Going Against Fate
  • Midsummernight’s Tango Trailer
    Midsummernight’s Tango Trailer
  • NRW ‘We love the new’
    NRW ‘We love the new’
  • World Vision
    World Vision