Hugo Keijzer

Hugo-Photo copyDirector

Hugo aspires to make work that explores the human nature in depth through strong narrative and imagery.
He finds the best stories are the ones that actually make you feel something. It’s the ability to twist the emotions of an audience, to conjure empathy for imaginary people.
This is what sets Hugo apart as a director. In everything he does, whether it’s fiction or commercial, he strives to make the viewer care.  Hugo has recently won 2 Cannes Dolphin awards for the Story of Milk and ING Orange Spirit.

Download Hugo Keijzer – CV (.pdf)

  • Trouw ‘Doubt’
    Trouw ‘Doubt’
  • Converse / Footlocker ‘Star Street’
    Converse / Footlocker ‘Star Street’
  • Denham ‘Psycho’
    Denham ‘Psycho’
  • Friesland Campina ‘Story of Milk’
    Friesland Campina ‘Story of Milk’
  • Denham ‘Jeanmaker’ – Trailer
    Denham ‘Jeanmaker’ – Trailer
  • ING Orange Spirit
    ING Orange Spirit
  • Partnergeweld TVC
    Partnergeweld TVC
  • Konningslied
  • Kindermishandeling
  • DPC Ouderenmishandelling
    DPC Ouderenmishandelling
  • Hugo Keijzer – Director’s Reel
    Hugo Keijzer – Director’s Reel
  • Prosopagnosia Teaser
    Prosopagnosia Teaser