Jem Chen

Jem ChenDirector

I’m like most people who go through daily searches for answers for questions that pop into my head.  I began writing scripts, drawing storyboards, rehearsing with actors and actresses.  Then all the things I’d  experienced and everyone I’d met had found a place in my life.  Life is formed by consecutive lessons and competitions.  This is what I realised from my work.  Interest your audience, surprise your audience, touch your audience.

This is who I am, maybe I was born for this job.




  • KIA Taiwan I’m Sportage
    KIA Taiwan I’m Sportage
  • Cartier
  • Skoda X-mas
    Skoda X-mas
  • Cemni
  • Honda Crider
    Honda Crider
  • Coach
  • Skoda Yeti
    Skoda Yeti
  • Samsung Galaxay Mega
    Samsung Galaxay Mega
  • HSBC
  • Volkswagon Lamando
    Volkswagon Lamando
  • 當代
  • 華固 鼎吉
    華固 鼎吉
  • 七天四季 – 7 Days 4 Seasons
    七天四季 – 7 Days 4 Seasons