RBG6 is an abbreviation of Rödabergsgatan 6, which is the street address of the studio where RBG6 once was founded. RBG6 consists of Joel Nordström and Lars Ohlin working as a directing duo in the field of commercial film.

The films of RBG6 are often referred to as ‘graphic’ or ‘stylized’ and driven by an aesthetic idea which often also is a part of the storyline. Their films also holds a somehow poetic quirkiness and quite unique narrative aspects.

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  • Cervera – Invite
    Cervera – Invite
  • Cervera – Knives
    Cervera – Knives
  • Cervera – Presents
    Cervera – Presents
  • Freia – Boat Barrels
    Freia – Boat Barrels
  • Freia – Mountain
    Freia – Mountain
  • Ikea Studio
    Ikea Studio
  • Ikea Orangery
    Ikea Orangery
  • Ikea Castle
    Ikea Castle
  • Max Taste Memory
    Max Taste Memory
  • Max Vannas
    Max Vannas
  • Stadium SWE
    Stadium SWE