Robbie Van Brussel, NSC

Robbie van Brussel_1 copyDirector of Photography

Robbie was born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and moved to Amsterdam to study Cinematography at the Dutch film Academy.

A young, talented DP with a strong visual approach to storytelling – his work reflects his wide range of interests from raw documentary realism to more sophisticated narratives.

He finds that not only the work has to be excellent but that there’s also a good atmosphere on his shoots. His sensitivity ensures he is always attuned to the director’s vision.

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  • KLM Music
    KLM Music
  • Converse / Footlocker ‘Star Street’
    Converse / Footlocker ‘Star Street’
  • Denham ‘Jeanmaker’ – Trailer
    Denham ‘Jeanmaker’ – Trailer
  • Trouw ‘Doubt’
    Trouw ‘Doubt’
  • Rabo Bank “WK Hockey”
    Rabo Bank “WK Hockey”
  • Friesland Campina ‘Story of Milk’
    Friesland Campina ‘Story of Milk’
  • Earth Water ‘Visser Sil’
    Earth Water ‘Visser Sil’
  • Denham ‘Psycho’
    Denham ‘Psycho’
  • Bijenkorf  ‘January’
    Bijenkorf ‘January’
  • Bijenkorf  Celebrate your senses
    Bijenkorf Celebrate your senses
  • Repeat Cashmere
    Repeat Cashmere
  • Knab