Troy House

Troy HousePhotographer

The one thing I never wanted to be was a photographer but in hindsight, I almost couldn’t have done anything else. Growing up in my father’s portrait studio in Marshalltown, Iowa, I often think the smell of fixer brainwashed me into being who I am today. Other than a very successful career as a paperboy, photography is all I have ever done. I started in journalism but soon left for the warmth and ocean of Los Angeles where I started assisting many top advertising and editorial photographers. After seven years, I moved to New York and ventured out on my own.

After shooting now for 13 years I can truly say there is nothing in the world that’s more fun than what I get to do on a daily basis. I wake up every morning and think about taking pictures from dawn til dusk. I count myself one of the lucky ones and have never taken it for granted.  I currently reside in Red Hook, Brooklyn with my wife, son and dog.

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