We produce compelling films and tell amazing stories with incredible people.



With our global network of production partners, we have produced, co-produced and worked on some amazing films.  Check out some of the documentaries and feature films we’ve worked on below.


Several of the films we’ve worked with have been featured at the Cannes & Venice Film Festivals and seen on screens internationally.


  • Charismatic Megafauna
    Charismatic Megafauna
    Director:  Jesper Kurlandsky  |   DoP: Frederik Wenzel   | Producer: Erik Gandini   |   Production Company: Fasad   |   Hong Kong Production Company: Freebase Media |   Hong Kong Producer: Becky Lee  
  • The Rebound
    The Rebound
    Director:  Bart Freundlich  |   Production Company:  Dillywood   |   Line Producer - International Unit: Anadil Hossain           Production Supervisor  - International Unit:Driss Benyaclef   |     Hong Kong Unit Manager: Becky Lee  
  • Swiss Re
    Swiss Re
    Director:  Viviane Blumenschein  |      Hong Kong Production Company:  Freebase Media   |  Hong Kong Producer:   Becky Lee  
  • Largo Winch
    Largo Winch
    Director:  Jérome Salle   |      Hong Kong Production Service Company:  October Pictures Ltd   |  Hong Kong Assistant Production Manager:   Becky Lee  
  • Man Of Tai Chi
    Man Of Tai Chi
    Director:  Keanu Reeves  |      Hong Kong Production Company:  Ten Eighty Productions   |   VFX Location Manager:   Becky Lee  
  • Ninja Assassin
    Ninja Assassin
    Director:  James Mc Teigue  |      Hong Kong Casting Director:  Becky Lee  
  • Batman - The Dark Knight
    Batman - The Dark Knight
    Director:  Christopher Nolan   |      Hong Kong Production Service Company:  October Pictures Ltd   |  Hong Kong Line Producer:   Philip Lee   |   Hong Kong Assistant Production Manager:   Becky Lee  
  • Babenco: Tell Me When I Die
    Babenco: Tell Me When I Die
    [WINNER of VENICE CLASSICS AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY ON CINEMA VENICE FILM FESTIVAL] Director:  Barbara Paz  |   DoP: Stefan Ciupek   | Hong Kong Producer: Becky Lee  |  Hong Kong Production Company: Freebase Media